Ohio Substance Abuse Certification FAQ

How do I know which courses to take?
All initial certification packages come with the appropriate courses to fulfill the required categories for the credential.  When purchasing renewal packages you will receive credit to then order 30 or 40 hours of courses.

Where do I find an education grid?
The grids can be found in the description of the course package purchased.

How do I apply for my credential upon completion of all courses?
The link to apply with the Ohio eLicense system is: Home (ohio.gov)

How do I renew my CDCA?
The CDCA Preliminary is not renewable.  After you have held the Preliminary for 10 months and before it lapses in 13 months, you will need to apply for the CDCA Renewable (formerly Phase II).  The CDCA Renewable credential can be renewed every 2 years by completing 30 hours, which we can provide.

I purchased a renewal package. Where are my courses?
After purchasing the package, go to Course Listing at the top and then click OH.
Scroll down and click on All Available Courses.
Place the 30 or 40 hours of courses you wish to order in your cart.
Then proceed to checkout.
Scroll all the way to the bottom and choose the User Wallet option and place order.
Your courses will now be in your Student Center under My Courses. All of our courses are OCDP Board approved!

Do the course hours I completed for the CDCA Preliminary and CDCA Renewable count toward the LCDC and LICDC credentials?
Yes, those 70 hours will count toward the 180 required.  This will leave you with 110 hours to complete, we have a package for this.

When will my courses be available after purchase?
The courses are available immediately after purchase in your Student Center under My Courses.

What do I need to be a substance abuse counselor in Ohio?
The Ohio Board offers several credentials.  Generally, individuals begin with the CDCA Preliminary.  Here is a link to the Board credentialing requirements: https://ocdp.ohio.gov/
How long does it take to become a substance abuse counselor in Ohio?
The Ohio Board offers several credentials.  The time involved depends on the credential you seek, your education level, and your hours of experience.
What can you do with a CDCA in Ohio?
You will be able to counsel under the direct supervision of a licensed counselor.
How do I get LCDC in Ohio?
The requirements for LCDC can be found at this link: https://ocdp.ohio.gov/CounselorLicenses
What does CDCA stand for?
Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant