The Louisiana Addictive Disorder Regulatory Authority (ADRA) credentials chemical dependency professionals at many levels.  CEU matrix provides specific course packages for many of these credentials.  All of our courses are approved by the ADRA.  We offer packages for the addiction counselor at the Licensed, Certified, and Registered levels (LAC, CAC, and RAC).  For those just beginning their careers we can also provide training for the Counselor in Training (CIT) and the Addiction Treatment Assistant (ATA).

The course packages offer substantial savings over the price of individual courses.  Additionally, they contain the necessary courses to fulfill the category requirements for the credential sought.  This takes any guesswork out of the picture when trying to determine which courses to take.  Some individuals may already have fulfilled some of the category requirements.  If this is the case, we can put together a custom package and still offer the same savings.  Also, for any package over $280 an installment plan is offered.

CEU Matrix has provided trainings for hundreds of addiction counselors in not only Louisiana but nationwide.  We also have a 48 hour course package for recertification, which is required every 2 years.  The renewal package allows counselors the opportunity to select their own courses from our library.

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