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We also have a CDCA Application package for $99.  This package is applicable to the CDCA Preliminary and CDCA Renewable (formerly Phase II) application.  If you choose to purchase this Application package CEU Matrix will submit your application to the Ohio Board.  This price includes the Ohio $50 application fee!  All you need to do is add this product to your cart and purchase, either when you purchase the course package or afterward.  Then after finishing the courses complete the application document.  For the CDCA Preliminary form Click Here.  For the CDCA Renewable (formerly Phase II) form Click HereEmail the completed document to ceumatrix@ceumatrix.com.  If you are already registered with Ohio elicense please send your login email and password to us.  If you been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony that you have not previously reported to the board you will also need to send documentation of arrest, conviction, and parole/probation in .pdf or .doc format.  If you are on probation or parole you will need to complete these terms prior to submitting your application.  We will then submit your application to the state board electronically within 3 business days.  This will include uploading your course certificates and education grid.  This application package is provided for your convenience and is not required.  You can register with eLearning and complete the online application yourself, including payment of the $50 application fee to the Ohio Board.  These steps will assist you in applying: