Other Drugs of Abuse (6 hours) Quiz

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  1. Withdrawal from heroin usually does not1
  2. Which powerful dependency-producing narcotic was introduced into the medical field as a cough suppressant?1
  3. Which one of the following is not considered to be a psychedelic drug?1
  4. Which of the following statements concerning laboratory tests for detecting THC or its metabolites is NOT accurate?1
  5. Which of the following is not an effect of a marijuana high on the cardiovascular system?1
  6. Which of the following is a false description of PCP?1
  7. Which natural psychedelic is derived from Myristica fragrans, a tropical evergreen?1
  8. Which drug name listed below most appropriately relates to “mind expansion” or “mind manifestation”?1
  9. Which dosage of LSD results in visual illusions, a greater awareness of self, and lasts 8-12 hours?1
  10. When purchased on the street, heroin is usually “cut” with1
  11. When narcotics are taken for therapeutic reasons, they are taken by which of the following methods?1
  12. When an opioid is used as an analgesic, it is being used to treat1
  13. The usual method of taking heroin that is illegally purchased is by1
  14. The use of inhalants is justified by juvenile users by all of the following except1
  15. The smallest dose of a drug that is capable of producing a detectable response is the1
  16. The resinous secretion of the cannabis plant collected from the flowering tops is known as1
  17. The psychological effects of psychedelics depend upon the1
  18. The psychedelic revolution occurred in the1
  19. The psychedelic drug that is the major psychoactive ingredient of the peyote cactus is1
  20. The prevalence of narcotics use in America can be shown by the fact that during the nineteenth century1
  21. The presence of benzopyrene in marijuana smoke is most closely associated with1
  22. The only benzodiazepine used as a hypnotic and chemically related to “minor tranquilizers” is1
  23. The most powerful of the synthetic psychedelics is thought to be1
  24. The most powerful central nervous system stimulant of natural origin is1
  25. The most frequently prescribed antianxiety drugs in America are referred to collectively as1
  26. The minor tranquilizers Librium and Valium can bring about death when combined with1
  27. The marijuana “high” is affected primarily by all of the following factors, except the1
  28. The man responsible for describing the first account of the effects of LSD and ushering in the modern psychedelic era was1
  29. The law that prohibited interstate commerce in misbranded and adulterated drugs was the1
  30. The inhalant used by homosexuals to prolong the sensations of orgasm is1
  31. The functional and structural unit(s) of the nervous system is/are1
  32. The first antianxiety drug that could produce a calming effect without inducing sleep and introduced as a less-toxic substitute for the barbiturates was1
  33. The drug effect in which there is a mingling of senses, e.g., sounds are seen and smells are felt, is called1
  34. The continued use of opioids can lead to1
  35. Research supports the possible use of marijuana in the treatment of each of the following conditions except1
  36. Psychological dependence upon stimulants is common because they make a person feel1
  37. Propoxyphene is a leading prescribed analgesic associated with many drug-related deaths; it is known as1
  38. Phencyclidine, because of a unique characteristic, will likely be classified in the future as a dissociative1
  39. People use minor tranquilizers for all of the following reasons, except1
  40. One of the most widely used stimulants that is considered a nondrug and is used in medications is1
  41. Narcotics such as opium, morphine, and codeine are classified as1
  42. Marijuana has possible medical uses in the treatment of1
  43. Justice system sanctions and incentives, including mandatory treatment, do not significantly influence towards an offender’s motivation to participate in treatment.1
  44. John Styth Pemberton introduced Coca-Cola as a new “remarkable therapeutic agent,” which was a combination of1
  45. It is believed by many that long-term use of marijuana could lead to all of the following except1
  46. Inhalants seem to be more reliably intoxicating than1
  47. In case of a narcotic overdose, you should not1
  48. Illegal “street market” cocaine is relatively pure when it reaches the United States; however, drug dealers usually cut the drug with an adulterant, such as1
  49. If using marijuana were to result in an immunosuppressant effect, an individual would most likely experience1
  50. High doses of opioids usually result in1
  51. Examples of those who take amphetamines to exert themselves beyond their capabilities are1
  52. Examples of internal body substances or chemicals that have an opioidlike effect are1
  53. Drugs that block or reverse the effects of narcotics are called1
  54. Drugs that are derived from the opium poppy plant are sometimes called1
  55. Drug actions in the body can be affected by one’s1
  56. Doses are measured in micrograms or “mikes” for the drug1
  57. Continuous stimulant use for several days during which a solution of amphetamine is injected at 1- to 2-hour intervals is known as1
  58. Common characteristics of the benzodiazepines include the ability to1
  59. Cocaine withdrawal is characterized mainly by1
  60. Cleaners, paint solvents, glues, and aerosol sprays are examples of1
  61. Characteristics of amphetamine dependence include all of the following except1
  62. Characteristics of a heroin “high” may include1
  63. Cannabinoids are1
  64. Caffeinism is an overindulgence of caffeine that leads to1
  65. Antipsychotic medications are most typically used for persons who experience psychotic symptoms as a result of having some form of:1
  66. Antipsychotic drugs are most accurately represented by1
  67. An example of a synthetic psychedelic is1
  68. Amphetamines were first used clinically to treat uncontrolled sleeping, known as1
  69. All of the following characteristics describe the drug dimethyltryptamine (DMT) except1
  70. Addiction to marijuana is typically characterized by1
  71. Acute effects, seen after a low dose of marijuana, have an adverse impact on all of the following except1
  72. According to the text, which of the following is a false statement about psychedelics?1
  73. A user overdosing on PCP might exhibit which of the following characteristics?1
  74. A synthetic narcotic drug that is used for heroin detoxification, is long lasting, and eliminates the need for a patient to take medication at home is1
  75. A relatively mild psychedelic substance chemically similar to LSD is1
  76. A reason that smoking marijuana is hazardous is because1
  77. A physiological effect of smoking marijuana is1
  78. A pattern of personality changes including apathy, lack of concern for the future, and loss of ambition that occurs in some marijuana users has been identified as1
  79. A “speedball” is really a mixture of1
  80. “Uppers,” “bennies,” and “speed” are names given to potent CNS stimulants known as1
  81. “Superkools” and “sherms” are1
  82. “God’s Flesh” was the name given to a variety of mushrooms containing1
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