Delbert Boone

Delbert Boone was one of the nation’s foremost authorities on addiction and criminal behavior, an identity established through his ability to consistently help drug offenders and substance abuse counselors understand the parallels between addiction and criminal behavior.

Over the last twenty-five years Boone worked with addicts from all walks of life and by relating his own struggles with addiction to heroin and incarceration, he gave hope where there previously was none. Boone developed the tools to help individuals who are seriously challenged by life. . . individuals facing addiction to alcohol and other drugs, incarceration, depression, frustration, and loneliness.

Boone’s primary work though was through his own consulting and training firm NND Productions, in which he consulted with both local and federal correctional systems, as well as school districts and law enforcement officials nationwide to deliver quality and effective substance abuse treatment programs and services.

Delbert Boone was an award winning video presenter. Since 1995, he was honored with seven International Telly Awards and recognized for outstanding contributions at four American Corrections Association Film Festivals for his video programs.