Diane Sherman

Diane Sherman is an organizational consultant and national trainer. She has worked in the substance abuse profession since 1975. In her consulting services, she has three specific areas of focus: coaching, consultation and continuing education. Dr. Sherman provides Executive Coaching for those persons seeking to maximize their leadership potential. She is a CARF surveyor and consultant for agencies seeking or maintaining national accreditation. Presently, she is responsible for monitoring substance abuse services for the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice. Dr. Sherman also conducts continuing education opportunities with Brown University through the Northeast Addiction Transfer and Technology Center. Over her professional tenure, Diane has trained nationally for NAADAC, National Association of Drug Court Professionals, CARF, Southeast School of Addiction Studies, South Carolina Behavioral Health Services Association, Tennessee Advanced School on Addiction, and locally for Georgia Department of Human Resources, Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, and Georgia Addiction Counselors Association.