Using Technology-Based Therapeutic Tools in Behavioral Health Services (6 hours)

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Competent clinicians have an ethical obligation to find tools and resources that assist clients with healing, wellness, and recovery. Further providers have a professional responsibility to demonstrate competence by possessing specific knowledge and skills to ensure meeting of professional and legal responsibilities for delivery of services within one’s scope of professional practice. (Johnson, 2018). Digital media and resources, such as email, smartphone/tablet applications (apps), online forums, Web sites, DVDs, CD-ROMs, blogs, computer software, online social networks, telephone and tele-video communication, and mobile devices are becoming universal in our culture. The use of electronic media and information technologies in behavioral health treatment, recovery support, and prevention programs is rapidly gaining acceptance. Technology based assessments and interventions are important therapeutic tools that clinicians can integrate into their work with clients. (SAMHSA, TIP 60, 2015).