Wisdom of the Twelve Steps – 4th Step (6 hours)

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The Wisdom of the Steps is a series of generic workbooks written to assist
any person with an addiction to drugs, and/or alcohol. This work-book
is also for those suffering from compulsive gambling, sex addiction, love
addiction, eating disorders, compulsive shopping, internet or elec-tronic
obsession, plus anyone who loves someone with any of these debili-tating
problems. All of these maladaptive behaviors stem from the same
dysfunctional coping skills – an external solution for an internal problem.
This workbook helps people heal.

The Wisdom of the Steps invites you to embark on a wonderful jour-ney,
your own Odyssey into the recovery waters of change. We promise days of
bright sunshine, strong winds, and periods of smooth sailing. However, be
forewarned, this is a stormy and demanding ocean; you will need all hands
on deck to successfully pilot these waters. Fortunately, for you, there are
many who have already navigated these passages and know the way.
There are also many eager sailors who will help you adjust your sails,
mend your broken spars, and show you the stars for your steering.