Other Drugs of Abuse (6 hours)


A 6 hour course that provides information about the various drugs of abuse (all except alcohol, which is covered in depth in another course). This course will review the history of each of the major psychoactive compounds and examine the physical and psychological aspects. An excellent basic or continuing education course that will help you learn more about the addictive properties of these chemicals.

By participating in this internet based course the trainee will:

1. examine the basic facts about the following drugs:
* other depressants
* narcotics
* marijuana
* inhalants
* designer drugs
* hallucinogens
* caffeine
* nicotine
* amphetamines
* cocaine
2. identify short term physical effects of each of these drugs;
3. identify chronic physical effects of each of these drugs;
4. examine the various definitions used to define the problem of addiction;
5. explore treatment needs that exist for these drugs of abuse.

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