Certified Facilitator – Samenow’s Tactics: Habits That Block Change (8 hours)

Stanton Samenow


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Correcting errors in thinking is basic. The other half is the BEHAVIOR that results from these thoughts. Tactics are habitual ways of acting that keep people stuck in destructive lives. Habits and Tactics are ways to take control and build walls to shut out those who would help us. They block the most crucial step in change: Looking at ourselves. When clients become aware of Habits and Tactics and how they use them, change becomes possible.

The course includes 3 videos that depict Dr. Samenow interacting with inmates in their search to recognize their errors and form the basis for change. After purchase, the videos will be available at the bottom of your Order Information page.

This course has been developed utilizing concepts from Dr. Samenow’s writings and dialogues from group sessions conducted by Dr. Samenow. The dialogues used are from the first three segments of a video series featuring Dr. Samenow’s work known as “Commitment to Change.” This first video series was subtitled “Tactics: Habits That Block Change”. In group settings and in individual interviews, convicted felons—men and women—interacted with each other and Dr. Samenow as they uncovered fundamental errors in thinking and explored their consequences. This information has been edited where necessary. All dialogue and information from these videos are identified when used in this course. Additional information has been added to expand on or clarify various aspects of Dr. Samenow’s work.


Dr. Samenow is widely recognized as an authority on the evaluation and treatment of people who demonstrate criminal and destructive behaviors; he travels widely as a speaker, consultant and leader of workshops. In previous administrations he has been a member of the President’s Task Force on Crime and has held the position of Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at George Washington University Medical School.

Dr. Samenow worked side by side with Dr. Samuel Yochelson, as they pioneered the research which uncovered the key role played by thinking patterns and behavioral Tactics. Out of that work came the concept of “Tactics which obstruct effective corrective teaching.” He is the author of several books, including Inside the Criminal Mind, Before It’s Too Late and Straight Talk About Criminals. During his eight years as research psychologist at Saint Elisabeth Hospital in Washington, D.C., he co-authored the three-volume, ground-breaking study, The Criminal Personality.

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