Illinois CCJP Course Package for IDFPR or CAADC or MAC Holders (80 hours)

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The following Illinois CCJP Course Package for IDFPR package provides 80 education hours required for initial certification for the CCJP. It provides substantial savings versus purchasing the courses individually.  An installment plan is available if you are interested.  Courses are taken at your convenience, there is no time limit, and everything is done online. If you have any other questions, please call John Tinsley at (800) 421-4609.

Performance Domain I – Dynamics of Addiction and Criminal Behavior (16 hrs)

Commitment to Change – Overcoming Errors in Thinking (4 hours)
You Can Lead a Horse to Water – Treatment Resistance and Motivation Characteristics of Offenders Who Use Substances (3 hours)
Major Treatment Issues for Offenders Who Use Substances (6 hours)
Criminal Addicts or Addicted Criminals?: Theories of the Drug-Crime Relationship (3 hours)

Performance Domain II – The Criminal Justice System and Processes (21 hrs)

Cluckers, Clockers, Cookers: An Introduction to Drug Control Policy for Substance Abuse Counselors (3 hours)
Treatment Needs and Strategies for Individuals in Various Criminal Justice Settings (12 hours)
Ethical Practice with Special Populations (3 hours)
Substance Abuse and Sexual Assault (3 hours)

Performance Domain III – Screening, Assessment and Treatment Planning (21 hrs)

Substance Abuse Screening and Assessment in Criminal Justice Systems (6 hours)
Screening and Assessment of Clients in the Criminal Justice System (6 hours)
Treatment Planning: Utilizing the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) (3 hours)
Treating Clients in the Criminal Justice System (3 hours)
Implementing Change in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs (3 hours)

Performance Domain IV – Case Management and Counseling (22 hrs)

Ethical Decision Making for Counselors (4 hours)
The Importance of Ethics in Criminal Justice (3 hours)                                             Booting Up the System- Case Management Models, Principles and Practices (3 hours)
The Offender and Addiction – Clinical Case Management (6 hours)
Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients (3 hours)
Working With Families of Chemically Dependent Criminal Justice Offenders (3 hours)