Overview of Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment, 4 hours

Robert Shearer


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Course Summary:

This course is designed to present a concise and easy-to-read introduction to the latest in Co-Occurring Disorders. Eight topics are covered ranging from definitions of terms to epidemiology of Co-Occurring Disorders.
The course is designed for mental health and substance abuse clinical providers, other providers, and agencies and systems through which clients enter the Co-Occurring treatment system.

Course goals/objectives

The goals and objectives of this course are for the student to understand:

• The definitions and terms relating to Co-Occurring Disorders (COD)
• Screening, assessment, and treatment planning for persons with COD
• The overarching principles to address the needs of persons with COD
• How to address COD in non-traditional service settings
• Evidence-based practices for COD
• Services integration
• Systems integration
• The epidemiology of co-occurring substance use and mental disorders

Your Course Instructor:
Robert Shearer, PhD

Dr. Robert A. Shearer is a retired professor of criminal justice in the College of Criminal Justice, Sam Houston State University. He has been teaching, training, consulting, and conducting research in the fields of criminal justice, human behavior, and addictions for over thirty-six years. He is the author of over sixty professional and refereed articles in criminal justice and behavior. He is also the author of Interviewing: Theories, Techniques, and Practices, 5th edition published by Prentice Hall. Dr. Shearer has also created over a dozen measurement, research, and assessment instruments in criminal justice and addictions including Law Enforcement Strategies Scale (LSS), Correctional Strategies Scale (CSS), Probation Strategies Scale (PSS), Correctional Treatment Resistance Scale (CTRS), the Comprehensive Substance Abuse Counseling Orientation Inventory (CSACOI), and the Substance Abuse Consequences Scale (SACS).

He has been a psychotherapist in private practice and served as a consultant to dozens of local, state, and national agencies. He has taught courses in interviewing, human behavior, substance abuse counseling, drugs and crime, and correctional counseling. He is currently developing an Interrogation Tactics Scale that measures levels of approval of coercion in interrogations with suspected offenders.

He has been the president of the International Association of Addictions and Offender Counseling and editor of the Journal of Addictions and Offender Counseling. Recently, Dr. Shearer completed a survey of the beliefs of over 300 substance abuse counselors in a large correctional system in the southwestern U.S. He is a member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation of Oklahoma.

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