Ceu Matrix




CEU Matrix’s 120 hr CPS package provides the formal training hours required as partial fulfillment for aspiring Certified Prevention Specialists and Associate Prevention Specialists. This $550 deal provides substantial savings versus purchasing the courses individually with an added installment plan available for anyone interested.  With courses being taken at your convenience, no time limits, and everything done online, CEU Matrix makes learning simple. For any other questions please Contact Us or call John Tinsley at (800) 421-4609.  All Texas CPS and APS courses are approved by the Texas Certification Board.

Prevention Domains – 90 hours

I.  Planning and Education

Computerized Assessment of Substance Abuse – 4 hours
Implementing Change in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs – 3 hours
Screening and Assessment of Clients in the Criminal Justice System – 6 hours
The Clinical Evaluation: Professional Competencies and Elements to Consider for Using DSM-5 – 4 hours
Treatment Planning: Utilizing the Addiction Severity Index – 3 hours

II.  Education and Service Delivery

Providing Services to Persons with Co-Occurring Disorders in Substance Abuse Treatment, Part II – 6 hours
Substance Use Disorders Recovery with a Focus on Employment and Education – 3 hours
An Introduction to Treatment Medications, What Every Counselor Should Know – 4 hours
Drug and Alcohol Dependence: The Problem, The Solution, and Co-occurring Disorders – 3 hours

III.  Communication

Relapse Prevention Counseling – 4 hours
Simple Communication for Complicated People – 6 hours
Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse Treatment – 6 hours

IV.  Community Organization

A Community Reinforcement Plus Vouchers Approach: Treating Cocaine Addiction, Modules 1, 2, 3 – 11 hours
HIV Other Blood-Borne Infections in Drug Users – 6 hours

V.  Public Policy and Environmental Change

Cluckers, Clockers, Cookers: An Introduction to Drug Control Policy for Substance Abuse Counselors – 3 hours
Drug Treatment Courts: An Integrated Approach – 3 hours
Confidentiality of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Patient Records Regulation and the HIPAA Privacy Rule – 2 hours

VI.  Professional Growth and Responsibility

Compassion Satisfaction: Thriving While Working in Substance Abuse, Criminal Justice, and Other Challenging Settings – 3 hours
Overcoming COVID Stress for Addictions and Other Helping Professionals – 1 hour
Personal Wellness for Substance Abuse Counselors – 3 hours
Addiction Counseling Competencies: The Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes of Professional Practice, Modules 1 and 2 – 6 hours

Ethics – 6 hours

Ethics, Boundaries and Dual Relationships: Professional Issues for Addiction Professionals – 3 hours
Ethical Practice with Special Populations – 3 hours

AOD Specific – 24 hours

Counseling for Marijuana Dependence- A Manual for Treating Adults – 6 hours
Medication Assisted Treatment of Opioid Addiction using Buprenorphine – 6 hours
Group Treatments for Addiction – 6 hours
Addressing Opioid Use Disorder in General Medical Settings – 3 hours
Mind Over Matter: The Brain’s Response to Drugs – 3 hours