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• What is the Value Package offer? How does it differ from purchasing courses individually?
CEU Matrix is proud to offer a Value Package for $99 that is good for 10 course hours of your choosing. This savings applies to all courses. Of course, your exams, certificates of completion, and course evaluations are also included in the offer. Without this Value Package you may purchase any courses at the listed price. However, there is a significant savings with the Value Package – 10 hours of courses would normally be $130 for the internet version – with this offer you pay only $99 – a savings of $31! And there is no limit to the number of Value Packages you may purchase.

• How do I purchase the Value Package?
From the Home Page, select ‘Course Listing”. You will be taken to the ‘Course Catalog Main Page’. Select the Value Package option. You will be asked to purchase the package, identify your method of payment, and complete your billing information. Immediately after you complete the Value Package purchase, your account will be credited with 10 course credit hours. As you place new orders, your shopping cart will automatically deduct the appropriate number of hours. If you go over 10 hours the system will charge for the hours in excess of 10, you will not be required to purchase another Value Package unless you choose to. If you purchase a hardcopy or CD-ROM, the cost of the course will drop to ‘$0’ but the order will retain the additional cost of the printing or the CD-ROM and the shipping charges.

• Do I have to order all of my courses at one time?
Once you purchase the Value Package, you may order courses at any time during without incurring additional charges for internet copies. You will be charged for the postage on hardcopies or CD-ROM versions. You do not need to “bundle” your courses to take advantage of this offer.

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